Hypertension Research For Africa

Hypertension Research For Africa

The Hypertension in Africa Research Team (HART) is a research unit within the Faculty of Health Sciences of the North-West University performing cutting-edge research regarding the early changes in the cardiovascular system and associated risk factors leading to hypertension. Hypertensive heart disease is the number one cause of death associated with high blood pressure. HART is dedicated to address this health risk especially among the black population in South Africa, starting from early childhood to the elderly.

I find myself saying this a lot but the biggest problem we have with Hypertension is the way we try and treat it. Rather than masking the symptoms we need to look at actually treating the root cause.

Die Hipertensie in Afrika Navorsingspan (HART) is ‘n navorsingseenheid binne die Fakulteit Gesondheidswetenskappe van die Noordwes-Universiteit wat aan die voorpunt van navorsing is oor die vroee veranderinge in die kardiovaskulere stelsel en verwante risikofaktore wat tot hoe bloeddruk lei. Hipertensiewe hartsiekte is die grootste oorsaak van sterftes wat met ‘n hoe bloeddruk verband hou. HART is toegewyd om hierdie gesondheidsrisiko’s, veral onder die swart bevolking in Suid-Afrika, vanaf vroee kinderjare tot ‘n bejaarde ouderdom aan te spreek.

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I think for everyone it’s quite important to get their blood pressure tasted one of the biggest problems that we have in South Africa actually around the world is many many people are walking around with elevated blood pressure and not knowing it because they are indeed no symptoms this is because hypertension has no symptoms until significant damage has been done to the audience that is why is referred to as the silent killer blood pressure is normally expressed in millimeters of mercury for example 146 over 96 the upper number under 40 indicates the pressure that that the heart needs to contract the pump the blood to the lower to the rest of the body while the lower number ip3 indicates the pressure in the hole when it’s relaxed and the blood flow back to the heart it is not necessary to take your blood pressure every day by doing it a few times I economic health care providers to identify high partition and decide if you need hypertension treatment or not I think especially for those who had a parent or a grandparent or a family member who have had a stroke or heart attack or perhaps know that they have hypertension these these individuals or an increased risk of also having hypertension self even if you are young even if you are in school children are in school I think it’s very good idea it just get it tasted it’s a pretty easy and quick taste the people though explains itself I would encourage everyone to know their blood pressure numbers we can you find more information on Roy back region that are potentially African research team as a website where you can find relevant links and information on high blood pressure..

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