Hypertension – Cardiac – Medications Part Iii

Hypertension – Cardiac – Medications Part Iii

Describes the mechanism of action of various medications used to treat hypertension and other heart complications.

Reference: linsay Brown USQ

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  1. @nahotka my hand writting is a bit crap. Sorry about that.
    But, that a ‘s” not a ‘c’ in my video. And Furosemide can be also known as frusemide. Such as in Australia we call it frusemide. Thanks for noting that though.

  2. Just checked this out- it does not appear that there is a total consensus on where the dct begins. The early DCT may actually include the post macula densa portion of the TAL. Just default to whatever you are taught in your course I suppose.

  3. What an old video…today my teacher showed us your video in class and said you explain it better than he ever can. And this is in pharmacy school!

  4. Thanks for posting these, very helpful. One note though: I’m pretty sure that Thiazides affect the proximal portion of the distal convoluted tubule

  5. i thankyou for putting in so much effort and time in making these videos. ……they are really very helpful. … .thanks from the bottom of my heart…….


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