High Blood Pressure – Rife Frequencies

High Blood Pressure – Rife Frequencies

Royal Rife was a genius who made numerous important discoveries. He found that frequencies can reverse serious medical conditions. Using frequencies he restored health to many people. Some of the frequencies he discovered are within these videos.

I find myself saying this a lot but the biggest problem we have with Hypertension is the way we try and treat it. Rather than masking the symptoms we need to look at actually treating the root cause.

Sit back, and relax. Feel the soothing and healing vibrations as they flow through your body.

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  1. Are these audio frequencies/vibrations from a set of frequencies found within the Spooky database or are they independent of that? If a part which frequency set or sets were used? It might be nice to run the audio and remote frequencies concurrently and see what, if any, effect it might have. Thanks for the whole set of frequencies you’ve posted – I’ve passed them for use by those that don’t own a Spooky2 setup.

  2. This immediately was felt in my brain with relief of pressure. i pray it works because I am trying to off clonidine patch that is wreaking havoc with my hormonal system and causing me to be excessively dry.

  3. My blood pressure is so horribly high. I’ve tried several doctors and nothing helps. I take 5 different medications and still am hypertensive.
    Losartan and Nifedipine
    Make me feel sick…

  4. Been using this download through my Sentient Light Element rife machine for 2 weeks. Still not lowering my extreme blood pressure. I am taking Losartan and it does get my BP down to about 160/80 but somedays it goes up to 180/100 I feel horribly sick on those days. Im 60 and I don’t know what to do anymore, I am worried this will kill me.

  5. , thank you so much this frequency works my blood pressure was 1 54 over 102 and I went I went back to the doctor after listening to the frequencies my blood pressure was 132 over 72 I will continue listening to this for the rest of my life I guess thank you again

  6. 162\120 and after 10 minutes of this. 124\95, thank you soooooooo much, I thought I was going to hit the grave right then. the doc prescribed me a new med over my existing intake and I went completely hypertension. thank you for what you do. :’)

  7. Thank You so much!,I have been using different Rife frequencies in your site and they all work to alleviate in all different symptoms.

  8. it worked! went from 155/87 before listening to 132/80 after listening. How often can i listen to this? i just read where clonidine is dangerous for extreme high rebound when coming off it. within an hour back up to 198/100 🙁


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