Dr. Hotze – High Blood Pressure

Dr. Hotze – High Blood Pressure

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good morning everybody and welcome to a great day houston today we’re talking about all things medical when it comes to help it starts with us and our lifestyle choices our medical experts are in the house to answer your health questions this morning and of course dr: steven ho see from the Haut see health and wellness center please welcome to the show this morning it’s always interesting to have each one of you on because in each of your area of study it’s amazing that there are always new things coming up and there what was it what was the practice yesterday sometimes can go away and there’s a whole new practice dr. ho Chi not just drinking all of the other thing in your areas of practices we’re getting to preventive medicine almost like preventive medicine is the real medicine and everything else is alternative medicine and you’ve been preaching this a long time dr. Hudson a long time God’s given the body amazing restorative powers and it can put the right nutrients vitamins minerals and nutrients the body and restore our hormones our body can heal itself yeah there’s a segment that we call here where we find out from our experts certain things and it is called audience help me out what’s up doc oh very good you all rehearsed this morning didn’t you all right so we took our cameras to the streets and have people ask some questions and we’ll have you all answer them I’ve been feeling really tired lately is there anything I can do for the dark circles under my eyes alright feeling really tired lately anything she can do is just dark circles under eyes that can be a result of a number of things the first thing I always think about with patients is are they taking what drugs are they taking oftentimes drugs can cause these problems sometimes the antidepressants the any antihypertensive drugs can cause fatigue other things currently this time of your allergies can cause fatigue and that’s we’re in weed pollen season right now and finally undiagnosed hypothyroidism and hormonal declining imbalance can cause fatigue as well as obesity and being overweight and having poor nutritional support all those can cause fatigue so we needed those need to be evaluated by your physician yeah so like having a blood test to see what was going on the other thing is to get a good clinical history and listen to listen to the patient to find out what the symptoms are and do a good clinical physical examination that gives you the give you the indication and then do blood tests and testing after that all right next question I’m not sleeping well the night and doing the day somewhere around 2pm i began to crash i don’t know what i need to do to get my energy back oh she sounds familiar to me it sounded like the previous is the page that as women mature and go through midlife to get hormonal declining imbalances and these imbalances can be easily corrected using bio tentacle hormones they also need to be evaluated for hypothyroidism but in a woman in midlife this first thing I think about is home on the planet imbalance yeah which is the problem that I had but you know I’d have all this energy and I wake up in the morning I’ll son just crash hard like you know falling asleep at a stoplight going hey I got a good minute you know to get some could sleep apnea be a Polish early also yeah but it can be but hypothyroidism will lead to sleep apnea and so with a hormonal decline that’s not going to be the common problem the garden variety problem is just hormonal declining imbalance ok can infants get the h1n1 flu vaccine can an infant get back it really hasn’t been determined yet one thing we go back and look historically we had swine flu problem back in the Smith 70s and the swine flu vaccine caused a host to health problems gyan beret and all that so it’s not something to be entered into lightly and I really question whether everybody ought to get the flu vaccine you need to look at that very carefully but you learn from that research well the seventies foot they’re still giving a vaccine so I’d be very cautious about it I mean there’s two sides to the coin on that but we look at influence than 36,000 people that died here this is it we’re given the flu vaccine in your 36,000 people died were you with the swine flu we’re a lot only 100 people have been so there’s been a tremendous media hype about this so you always wonder what’s behind this media hype on the swine are you on blood pressure medication we certainly know that many medications can come with side effects so wouldn’t it be great if you could just get rid of the problem or treat it with someone or something safer okay dr: Stephen hotze the author of hormones health and happiness is back with us with a more natural solution hi there those things that is almost epidemic proportion to the country to people dealing with high blood pressure what is high blood pressure and why is it so important to keep it within a certain range well blood pressure met is the measure of force of the blood within our arteries is caused by the pumping of the heart and the resistance of the blood vessels thirty one percent of Americans have high blood pressure every year 320,000 people will die of high blood pressure it’s conversations issues crazy complications like well comprehensive here’s the four main complication strokes heart attacks congestive heart failure and kidney disease none of them good none of them are good now the real question is if you walk into the doctor and he measures your blood pressure says you have high blood pressure your first question should be why do I have my blood pressure routinely the doctor will say well it’s essential which means we don’t know you just got it so you need a drug and so they’re going to put you on a drug which we know have some really detrimental side effects all these drugs do because their toxins so what causes high blood pressure and that’s what we need to address and the lay public can know this overweight and obesity leads to high blood pressure poor nutrition like high sugar diet sugar if you have a high sugar diet refined sugar carbohydrates guess what they raise your blood pressure trans fatty acids / oils in your system raises your blood pressure low magnesium levels which is ubiquitous in American low vitamin D levels raise the blood pressure see those are things I wouldn’t see a lot of people testing I know when to test for metal toxicities for instance heavy metals like mercury the amalgams in your teeth cause chemical pollutants the the Pollack Cloral phenols and the phthalates that are in the plastic they harden the arteries and raise the blood pressure and then pharmacological agents raise the blood pressures a matter of fact blood pressure the first blood pressure medication doctors routinely give is a diuretic which causes you to leach out magnesium and raise your blood pressure so your pressure goes up they put you on another medication yeah it’s kind of like this this daisy chaining or domino effect where so why don’t we try to why don’t we address the cause rather than simply treat the symptom with which means using drugs and using all getting all these two i’ll be back up some of those drugs because people if they if they’re taking diuretics you just explain to us why the problems that can happen with that the angiotensin converting inside the ACE inhibitors will be the ACE inhibitors of all the blood pressure medication tend to have the least side effects but they’re they’re given to a lot of women get high blood pressure during pregnancy and on the black label it says it may cause harm or even death in the last six months to the unborn baby so those are dangerous drugs and if they causing heart of the baby you know they’re not helping you right anytime you use a drug it’s a toxin so it’s going to cause some problems didn’t you got the you got the calcium channel blockers yeah which caused brain shrinkage over five years they study that on mr shrinks the brain and increases the risk of cancers about twenty six percent and finally you got the beta blockers which will cut off your ability to properly utilize thyroid hormone so you get lethargic and tired and fatigued that’s why I always exit somebody’s fatigue what drugs are you all yeah let’s talk about some of those natural solutions okay one you say it’s eliminating grains and sugars from your diet eat a healthy diet exercise lose weight lower the stress in your life yes right well let me tell you first thing you got to do detoxify your body from all these chemicals that are in your body vitamin C or lipoic acid and glutathione and then give yourself some minerals that will help relax the blood vessels and that’s magnesium and we recommend 800 milligrams a day take acetylcysteine in yes we want to use alt sorry l arginine which relax it was cause your body may nitric acid nitric oxide which relax relaxes the blood vessels you want to use coenzyme q10 so those are three things people can take over the counter so get your weight down exercise get rid of the stress your luck cut out the refined sugars and the bad oils and then get sonic we’ve heard even garlic garlic garlic can be very sure these are some natural approaches your doctor should recommend to you before they start you on drugs and quickly you’re going to be in katy tell us what that’s going to be about well this coming saturday i have a symposium on the five danger dangerous health trends that are affecting women and made in midlife that’ll be out of our Katie office all right dr.

I find myself saying this a lot but the biggest problem we have with Hypertension is the way we try and treat it. Rather than masking the symptoms we need to look at actually treating the root cause.

ho Chi thank you very much you can listen to dr. hoses radio program health and wellness solutions at monday through friday from noon to one on 700 a MK s EV and for more information on the hotel health and wellness center call this number of 2816 988 698 or go to hoty HW si. com be right back..

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